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One of the worst symptoms of depression is the sensation of hopelessness. It is a sensation that often causes suicidal ideation. In the context of emotional well-being, hopelessness is more than an emotion. There are underlying beliefs that lead one to feel hopeless. Thinking that the outcome of life is out of our control, or that the outcomes in life are not worth it, are some of the main beliefs held at the core of individuals who have lost hope.

Although depression is a battle won and lost by many through countless hours and effort, hopelessness is in itself rather easy to overcome by comparison. It requires constant reminder that the beliefs held at the core of hopelessness are utterly false. In reality, some things are out of our control while some things are not.

Similarly, the outcomes in life are only worthless when you do not pursue and obtain what you want; otherwise, the pursuit of reward increases the likelihood of being rewarded, which in turn, further motivates you to pursue rewards.

Often, many seek help for their feelings of wanting to suicide long before they follow through with it, but a few of them are not so lucky. Normally, paramedical intervention and hospitalization is required when a suicide attempt is made. Unlucky still are those who are successful in their attempts. To return hope to your life, do give us a call at 1-855-382-2482.