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Depression is a killer. Thousands of people die because of depression every single year. It is one of the leading causes of death across the globe second only to conditions such as cancer and accidents on the road. Depression symptoms are not so difficult to identify. The only problem with depression is that its symptoms are so easy to mistake for some other condition. At the same time, depression can be a symptom of another psychological problem.

Signs and symptoms of depression

So what are the symptoms of depression that you should always look out for? Our expert psychologists in West Island here at iLife Health Center advise their clients to visit a mental health professional when they display symptoms such as fatigue, stress and inability to stay focused on an activity. People who are depressed feel mentally, emotionally as well as physically fatigued. They are often very stressed out and thus they can barely keep their attention on a singular activity.

The signs of depression do not end there. Depressed people neglect themselves. They do not take care of their health and some will rarely bother to groom themselves. There are some people who will engage themselves in self-destructive activities like overdosing on pills and drinking all day long. Our team of psychologists here at iLife Health Center is experienced and well trained to handle cases of depression effectively.

Get help combating depression

The best way to kick depression is to get professional help from a psychologist. Psychotherapy will be of great assistance in identifying the root cause of the depression and also help you find a way to rebuild your life to perfect health. If you are looking for professional treatment for depression in West Island and Montreal, we have the doctors who will help you out here at iLife Health Center.