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Living With Panic Attacks

Anxiety attacks are typically a result of overwhelming stress. It is not uncommon for professionals that work in situations involving high risks and time constraints to experience stress. To make matters worse, employers in such fields tend to be extremely demanding and authoritarian to their employees given that they typically incur the costs of their employees failures, and thus, have an incentive to micromanage. For that reason, panic attack symptoms are significantly more prevalent among employees in such fields.

Although these situations involve more than one person, it is perfectly possible to adapt to these situations. All that is needed is the right coping skills, which can easily be learned in therapy with a psychologist. However, it is more important to seek help before anxiety leads to panic attacks.

Unfortunately, these employees do not seek help until after panic attacks occur. This is because seeking help requires you to know that there is a problem to begin with. Given that anxiety is often perceived as an inevitable consequence of life, it is not seen as a problem until it reaches levels detrimental to productivity and everyday functioning. However, those who suffer from panic attacks tend to seek help immediately, given that it is a much more acute and explicit signal that a problem exists than anxiety alone.

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