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Are you looking for an expert child psychologist West Island has to offer? We have the finest of professional psychologists here at iLife Health Center. Our team of mental health professionals will always make sure that you are able to achieve nothing but quality services at all times. The psychology of a child is a little bit different from that of an adult. Children do not reason like adults. Therefore, even psychological treatments for children are best administered by a person with a clear understanding of child psychology.

Issues our child psychologists address

Having been in the practice for a long time, our child psychologists have come across a variety of problems that are very unique to children of various ages. There are conditions such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a major problem that many children suffer from. There are adults who suffer from ADHD, but children often suffer more. Adults are able to control themselves better than children can.

Adolescents are also children, regardless of how big they may be. This sudden growth that occurs in adolescence can bring about a variety of issues with it. Self-esteem and confidence are built during this period in time. Teenage suicide and depression are also becoming very rampant psychological problems all over the world. When you get to talk to our top child psychologist in West Island, these problems will be addressed effectively.

Who can visit a child psychologist?

Children of all ages as well as parents can get to experience the services of a child psychology in West Island that we have on offer here. We not only handle children and their problems, but also help parents improve their parenting skills. Simply get in touch with us as soon as possible and receive help from a West Island child psychologist.